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The cable railway to Skrzyczne, built in 1954-1960 by the Tourism Committee - Tourist Ski Lift Company, was the first sports and recreational facility operating in Szczyrk. The first section of the cable railway to Skrzyczne was put into operation on January 26, 1958, and the construction was completed on December 31, 1960.


In the years 1960-1966 T-bar lifts were built (Junior Muller type) on the "Doliny" in the Skrzyczne massif, as well as drag lifts to Zapalenica and Hondraski.


On January 1, 1970, the Sports Events Enterprise (continuer of PWT's activities) was transformed into the Central Sports, Tourism and Recreation Center, and its Silesian Branch was established in Szczyrk. The Branch included, among others: a railway to Skrzyczne and drag lifts to "Doliny", Stokłosice, Hondraski along with ski slopes, while three years later the Branch also took over the FIS ski slope in Szczyrk.


In 1976, there was another reorganization of the company, which took over the administration of cable railways, ski lifts and sports facilities in Szczyrk, Wisła and Ustroń. Central Sports, Tourism and Recreation Center was transformed into the Central Sports Center, Beskidzki Branch in Szczyrk. The FIS ski slope to Skrzyczne was modernized.


In the 1980s, a new drag lift, the so-called Dolina III to the peak of Skrzyczne was built. Instead of the outdated single-chair lift, a double-chair lift was put into operation.


Extremely important investments took place in the 21st century. The ski center on Skrzyczne, with modernized slopes and a modern cableway along the entire section from the lower station in Szczyrk, through Jaworzyna to the top of Skrzyczne, is currently one of the leading centers in the country.