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Regulations regarding the use of tickets and contactless passes for COS-OPO lift devices in Szczyrk and SON S.A.


Using the ski lifts of the Central Sports Center in Szczyrk and Szczyrk Ski Center S.A. (hereinafter referred to as Centers) is possible only by purchasing a pass in the form of an electronic contactless card or a ticket with a barcode. Verification of authorizations takes place through the entrance gates located at the lower and upper platforms of the hoisting devices. The purchase of a pass is tantamount to reading and accepting the provisions of these regulations.




  1. The Centers sell tickets in a paper form (without a deposit - applies to COS-OPO in Szczyrk) and in the form of passes (contactless with a deposit).

  2. Organised groups (min. of 20 people) are entitled to a 10% discount on term tickets. The basis for being granted a discount is to present a document confirming the organised group and to make a one-time purchase of reduced-price tickets.

  3. Children up to 6 years of age use the ski lifts for free, provided that the services are used under the supervision of an adult (maximum of 2 children under the supervision of 1 adult).

  4. For individual lift devices in the Centers, there are time blocks for tickets and promotional passes, preventing the use of the pass by more than one person.

  5. The rights on the season ticket or fixed-term ticket are not transferable - the user of the season ticket can only be the person who used the ticket when passing through the gate for the first time.

  6. A ticket and a time pass entitles only one person to use the ski lifts.

  7. Seniors who are over 60 years of age are entitled to purchase a reduced ticket (SENIOR) according to the price list based on a document confirming age presented at the time of purchase.

  8. Youth from 12 years of age until the day before they turn 18 and students up to 26 years of age are entitled to purchase a reduced ticket (JUNIOR) according to the price list based on a document confirming age presented at the time of purchase.

  9. Children aged 6 to 12 are entitled to purchase a reduced-price ticket based on a document confirming age presented at the time of purchase.

  10. The ticket and time pass are valid for the period or date for which they were purchased, and the start time of the countdown is the first use of the pass or ticket on any reader at the Centers. Promotional 4-hour tickets are valid only for one day, regardless of the time of first use of a given ticket.

  11. In the case of a downtime of all lift devices longer than 1 hour, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the unused part of the ski pass/ticket based on the purchase receipt.

  12. A deposit of PLN 10 is required for the pass. The deposit for the season ticket can be obtained after returning the season ticket at the Centers' ticket offices, until the end of the season, i.e. April 20.

  13. Entering the premises of the Centers and using a ticket or pass is tantamount to reading and accepting these regulations and other regulations operating at the Centers.

  14. In the case of a pass with purchased points (point tickets), the reader of the railway or lift gate (hereinafter referred to as the gate) registers the passage and subtracts the number of points resulting from the price list from the points on the point ticket.

  15. Unused points are subject to a refund at the resort's ticket office until the end of the season, i.e. until April 20, with the exception of promotional points. After the above-mentioned period, the points are deleted.

  16. The season is considered to be the period from December 1 to April 20 of the following year.




  1. The pass should be placed in the pocket located on the left side of the garment, within reach of the gate’s antenna.

  2. Objects that may interfere with the reading of the pass (e.g. mobile phones, car keys, payment and credit cards, etc.) should be placed on the right side of the garment.

  3. You must only have one pass with you when using the gates. The centers are not responsible for the consequences resulting from failure to comply with this order.

  4. You must remain in the field of influence of the gate antenna until the reader subtracts the appropriate number of points or confirms the validity period of the authorizations.

  5. Confirmation of the right to pass through the gate and read the pass will be signaled by an appropriate message on the reader's display and a green light on the gate housing.

  6. When the red signal light on the gate housing turns on, it means that you are prohibited from passing through the gate.

  7. After passing through the gate using the time card, the card is automatically temporarily blocked, preventing other people from using the same card.

  8. Please pay attention to the sound signals and messages displayed on the gate reader screen.

  9. Video control. The electronic ticket system operating in the Centers verifies users who use term tickets. While passing through the gates, photos of the user associated with a given pass are recorded. Photos are stored for up to 30 days from the expiry date of the pass. Purchasing and using the card is tantamount to consenting to the use and recording of the image for control purposes.

  10. In the case of non-compliance with the provisions of these regulations and the regulations of the Centers, violation of the FIS Ski Code, an attempt to obtain passage fraud, or use of the pass by an unauthorized person, the pass will be blocked and the holder is entitled only to a refund of the deposit.




  1. Bad skiing and weather conditions as well as significant turnout on railways and ski lifts do not constitute grounds for a full or partial refund of the ski pass or ticket.

  2. Refund of unused time allowances is possible only as a result of downtime of all lifts and ski lifts of the Centers lasting more than 1 hour.

  3. Tickets and promotional passes are non-refundable.

  4. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of loss or visible mechanical damage to the card.

  5. After the end of the season, i.e. on April 20 each year, tickets and passes become invalid and will not be refunded.

  6. Complaints and returns are accepted only on the basis of a fiscal receipt.

  7. If requested by staff or any in-control authorities, the card must be presented. Refusal to present will result in blocking the possibility of further use of the card.

  8. The user of a fixed-term ticket can only be the person who used the ticket when passing through the gate for the first time.