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FIS Trail

FIS-approved ski trail!

The Central Sports Centre – The Centre for the Preparations of Olympic Games in Szczyrk offers ski trails, which thanks to the approval of the International Ski Federation (FIS) enables organization of international women and men competitions on the slopes of Skrzyczne.

Downhill, slalom, giant-slalom and supergiant – these prestigious and professional Alpine skiing events are on the ski slopes of Skrzyczne. Many important issues related to the proper functioning of the trails, in agreement with the regulations, were taken into account during the assessment made by the International Ski Federation, which granted the relevant approvals. First of all, the trail itself was thoroughly verified. Its start is located next to the upper station of the lift on Skrzyczne and the finish is at the foot of the “Dolina” slope or below “Piekiełko”. Also, the distance for each competition, the difference in gradients and the slope parameters were examined. In addition, aspects related to safety were evaluated, and also a number of technical issues – a description of the trails, artificial snow options, transport of competitors and the possibilities of their accommodation.


COS-OPO trail in Szczyrk obtained a successful verification, which is great news in the context of the further ski development of Szczyrk. It is also worth mentioning that the properly prepared trails can also be used by amateurs enjoying winter sports on the slopes of Skrzyczne.