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Jaworzyna Gastronomy is an atmospheric place at 945 metres above sea level on the Jaworzyna hall, located between the first and second section of the cable railway to Skrzyczne.


Thirsty? Hungry? Is the temperature bothering you? Or maybe you're just tired? When engaging in all the activities available on Skrzyczne, you may often feel this way. For a prescription for these ailments, we invite you to the Jaworzyna Gastronomy, where, among others, you will find, delicious coffee, a hot meal, as well as a simple opportunity to rest.


OPENING HOURS: 8.00 - 16.00




Popular dishes Price
Main dish Pork chop 46,00 PLN
Main dish Shepherd's cutlet with oscypek 52,00 PLN
Main dish Pork goulash with bread  32,00 PLN
Appetizer Oscypek in bacon with cranberries 24,00 PLN
Appetizer Bread with lard and pickled cucumber 16,00 PLN
Soup Sour rye soup with potatoes 18,00 PLN
Soup Tomato soup with pasta 14,00 PLN
Potato pancakes Potato pancakes with cream 26,00 PLN
Dumplings Russian Dumplings with onion 35,00 PLN
Dumplings Dumpings with meat 37,00 PLN
Meal for children Sweet pancakes 18,00 PLN
Meal for children Nuggets, potato smileys 24,00 PLN


Popular drinks Price
Cold drink Water Żywiec Zdrój still/sparkling 9,00 PLN
Cold drink Tymbark Juice 11,00 PLN
Cold drink Kubuś Water 11,00 PLN
Hot drink Black Tea 14,00 PLN
Hot drink Espresso coffee 12,00 PLN
Hot drink Hot chocolate 15,00 PLN


Entire menu available for download down below.